Violeta Niggl aka Violeta Barrett (pen name)
Author of First Love Just Once in a Lifetime: A Memoir
and Angel in Disguise

Violeta Barrett, has always written stories since she learned to write at the age of four. Short stories were her favorite genre after falling in love with O. Henry (pen name for William Sydney Porter) and his classic short Christmas tale of sacrifice and love, The Gift of the Maji. Poetry and children's stories were also at the top of her list but as a child of the Great Depression, she refused to write about conflicts, preferring fantasies with "happily ever after" endings. Ironically, conflict is what makes a story worth reading and why, First Love, her memoir of sacrifice and love, may become an all-time favorite.
Subsequent to a forty-two year career in both the public and private sectors, Barrett, a Brooklyn transplant of Italian ancestry, moved from Canada to Ft. Myers, Florida, after her second husband's death in 1993, where she resides today. She was encouraged to write a story on reinventing her life, which was published in an anthology of stories called Beyond Coping. A Valentine love letter she wrote on a whim won a prize and was published in her local newspaper. She began writing articles for an award-winning political newsletter soon after, eventually becoming its co-editor. 
Barrett graduated from the New York Institute of Finance and the American Institute of Banking, The Institute of Children's Literature and York University in Toronto, where she earned a B.A. in Humanities-Religious Studies and Sociology, at the age of sixty-one.
She is a member of Madison's Who's Who'; National Association of Women Professionals; International Women's Leadership Association and the Ft. Myers Gulf Coast Writers' Association.  

Her passions are classical music, writing, reading, travel, photography ... and love.