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I'm Violeta Barrett, AWARD WINNING AUTHOR of First Love Just Once in a Lifetime: A Memoir, and Angel in Disguise.


About the Author
Subsequent to a forty-two year career in both the public and private sectors, Violeta Barrett, a Brooklyn transplant, moved from Canada to Ft. Myers, Florida, where she resides today, following her second husband's death. She has been published in the anthology Beyond Coping, and her poetry and writings have been printed in her local newspapers. Her interest in politics, led her to writing articles for a political newsletter.  Before long, she became its co-editor. Writing had always been her hobby until she published her first book, FIRST LOVE. No longer a hobby, Barrett spends her time  researching and promoting her books, attending book festivals and other book-related events, and spreading her message of love.  

A graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature, Barrett's latest book, ANGEL IN DISGUISE, originally written for children, has captured the attention of adult pet lovers and those who have lost a loved one.

Her passions are classical music, travel, photography, reading, writing, and, of course, love.



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